Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hot Tub here I come!!

Another work-week gone by already. Where does the time go?

Have you ever noticed how, when we are kids-we just cannot wait to get older! And then when we finally do-WE WANT IT TO SLOW DOWN a little! LOL

My job is pretty stressful. I'm a receptionist at a Veterinary Hospital and an affiliate clinic about 15 minutes away, along with doing the Accounts Receivable for both. Somedays you wonder how much more you can take. It's not all cute puppies and kittens...but it is one of things I have a passion for: Dealing with people and animals, trying to make things better and showing compassion along with sensibility. I work 4 10's a is my 'Friday', and thank Goodness! LOL Like I said, sometimes it gets to you.

Ashley had her Formal last weekend, I did a page for her...and of course, I will do more! I just thought I'd share it with you. I can't believe she will be graduating from High School in a little over a month. Like I said several times already-time flies.

When I think of how time flies by like that, I always think about the things I never want to forget. This is a 'special year' for me, Willie will be 20, Ashley graduates and will be 18 and Chelsea will be 15...and here I thought my 20th Class Reunion would be a big deal! LOL Oh, and today is Abba Zabba's 1st birthday!!

So, like the heading says-I'm headed to the hot tub to chill and clear the head. Hope the weather stays gorgeously sunny for me on my days off...I'm itching to play in the dirt and get some sun! Have a wonderful weekend and I'll be back soon. I'll share some freebies with ya...xo

Monday, April 21, 2008

We're Baaack!

So, ya know how I said we were leaving for a Road Trip for somewhere warm? Hmmm?
LMBO!! As you can see above, that DID NOT HAPPEN.
First we headed to Eastern Oregon, and the snow and cold decided to follow us wherever we went! We headed to Christmas Valley and Fort Rock and were gonna spend the night. Well, the snow was coming so we just drove thru (without my picture of Fort Rock for the 2nd time!).
Then we headed to SE Oregon, and he had a map where he had found a regular road that cuts across and would save us 80 miles (wait-it gets better!). So we went from Silver Lake, a really small town, and headed over. There was a sign that said something about not maintained in winter (but it is Spring, right?) It wasn't snowing too bad there, so we started was probably 4 or 5 pm by then. Needless to say, and to make the story shorter-we got stuck in the snow by a swamp, at around 10 pm!! We high centered and the snow had gotten soft earlier (yes, I did tell him 'let's not go this way, let's go back the way we came!" before we got stuck-I DO NOT like snow, night and mountain roads I don't know...wonder why?). So he tried to get us out that night and the next morning, he also started walking trying to find a homestead out in the middle of nowhere! The cell said 'no service', but I thought what the hell-never know till you try! I called 911, we miraculously had a bad but working signal, and we had to be "Search & Rescued"!! We slept pretty good that night, wasn't too cold even-we only started the truck for the heater a few times.
After that we headed more SW, on THE HWY! We went to my Grandmother's in Dorris, Ca. and visited for a while, then we headed over to the coast. We left Dorris when the sun was just setting, and we took a very windy road over to Ashland from Klamath Falls. Did I already say that the snow was following us wherever we went??? Yeah, there was snow-sometimes too much to see. And the road was windy, and it was dark and we had just about had ENOUGH! LOL We went over two very high summits and had a long ride down to get to Ashland.
We made it to Ashland around 9:30 pm, had dinner and went up to Rogue River to sleep at the rest stop/park. (Yes, we sleep in the car-we're cheap!) We both slept horribly last night and were cold-we've decided it was because we were in the opposite seats than we usually do, LOL. Around 5:30 am we headed to the coast via the Redwood Forest, Scott had never seen it.
The drive thru the redwoods was beautiful, of course-but it was the northern part and not as good as the lower area. I wanted to take him to the tree you can drive thru that I remember from my childhood (my Dad had to back the van thru the opening so we could take a picture that looked like we drove thru, the van was too big! LOL)--but we were in the wrong part and didn't get to. There's always next time, I guess.
Of course, if it wasn't snowing-it was raining. We got very little sunshine this weekend! We hit Crescent City, Ca and headed up Hwy 101 toward home. We drove up the Hwy all of the way, we stopped a few times to see nature, get some dirt to pan for gold and to go thru some art galleries and antique shops. We stopped a couple of times to see the ocean, and it was freezing and rainy! (but of course!) I think we were right out of Newport and he decided he wanted to head to the valley, so we headed towards I5 and home. We weren't sure we were going home today until we saw that the rain was just not going to go away, and we gave in to Mother Nature!! A hot shower, our warm beds and being home was just too irresistable.
It was an awesome 3 day escape, even though there were a few glitches (but it could have been WAY worse!). We needed this time alone and away, and we came home feeling refreshed, relaxed and exhausted. Tomorrow he will be making up some 'Oyster Chowder/Stew' with the fresh oysters we picked up in Newport, and life will all be back to normal! I'm thinking the next road trip will not be till MID SUMMER...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Time flies... time flies (even when you're NOT having fun! LOL)!
Tomorrow is Scott's birthday. The big 39. He just asked me "Am I really gonna be 39 tomorrow?" Yes, Sweetie-that you are!
We're planning on having dinner with some friends tomorrow night and then maybe doing a road trip, getting out and away from the house, the kids, REAL LIFE.
Do you ever want to just do that?
Speaking of the kids, I wish they could just give me 30 minutes when I come home from work to just sit down, relax and chill...I know the world revolves around Mom, but seriously guys! LOL They are old enough to know better: 19, 17 & 14 (and getting older this year, starting in August-yikes).
Willie, he is back at home working with Scott and thinking about getting into the Carpenters Union. I hope he does do something productive with himself and his life, before it passes him by and he wishes he could get it back.
Ashley, she graduates from High School in 7 weeks and I have been so busy I am totally not prepared for this one! I need to finish getting the announcements printed out and sent, get her a gift together (I think she wants a UHaul, LOL) and get ready for it! She can't wait to move out and move back down to California-but that is a whole other story.
Then there is Chelsea, she's the baby and feels like she is going to be left behind-so to speak. If Willie moves out and Ashley will be gone, then it will only be her. She just had a cardiac ablation done, that went through just fine (Thank God). She needs to get out of the house more and go hang out with her friends, then maybe she won't feel so bad-at least she can look forward to less dishes and cleaning up! I was the oldest, so I really don't know how it feels.
My mom said I inspired her, so she started a blog also-her link is at the bottom of mine. She has really gotten into the Digital Scrapping (just one more thing I have passed on to her! LOL). I envy her time she gets to spend, it seems every 'free minute' I have there is something else I should be doing!
Mother Nature is not very cooperative for us this weekend, either. I heard it could get cold enough to snow!! And just a few days ago it was near 80...I am SO ready for some sunshine, nature and bare feet!!
I'd really like to know if there is anyone out there, reading any of please leave me a comment and let me know, OK?
For those of you who are scrappers, here are a few links to some sites I love--there are SO many creative people out there! I want to thank you all...for the hard work, the inspiration and the sharing!
I'll share more later...have a great night and weekend everyone!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Digital scrapping share:

Yep, that is me!
Back in the day-this is my Dad and my sister Tonya and I in 1979. We were at our Great Grandparents house in Dorris, Ca. Probably visiting for some time in the summer, which we usually did. My mom sent this photo to me last week, I don't remember ever seeing it. There are not many pictures that I can recall like this-of my sister, myself and our Dad. I loved going to visit them and looked forward to it every time. Sure, it got to be pretty boring when I got older-teenagers have their own agendas in life, LOL.
Remember those carefree days of youth? Sometimes I miss them. I even miss the carefree days of my own kids' youth! How cute they were running around, playing, even sleeping...and the laughter. I love childrens laughter.
Moments like these are why I am a Scrapbooker, and even more so a Picturaholic. To capture those moments in time we can never get back. The ones we hope to remember, but so often fade away into the backs of our minds due to LIFE.
Cherish every moment, every smile and every sound of childrens laughter...time passes quicker than we all realize and then those moments are gone.
Yeah-I'm a sentimental sap!! LOL

For those of you who are into digital scrapping, I have some links for some freebies here for you. (I have to share my addiction!) Hope you all enjoy:



I've been a scrapbooker for longer than I can remember, and the styles have changed drastically (for the better! LOL)-as I'm sure they will continue to change.

I started DigiScrapping in September 2007, after having collected MANY freebies and purchased disks. It was very intimidating at first, but once I got started it became a whole new obsession! I've tried learning how to create the digital pieces myself-and have since decided that it is just not for me, I'll stick to creating the pages, cards and artwork with others wonderful work!

I've taught classes and miss it terribly, along with the time it takes to be able to free the mind of the everyday and to create my art. I also love to incorporate the scrapping into altered items such as canvases, mini books, gift tins, etc.

I'm new to the whole 'BLOG' scene, so bear with me...

PS: I will try to give credit where it is due for any work I post here, a lot of the files I have and use do not have the names included-so if it is yours, feel free to let me know and I will add your credit where it is due. I DO NOT APPROVE OF PIRACY!! Thanks!