Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Made a change...

Didn't like the frames on the previous page, so I changed them...what do you think?


More scrapping...

I've been in the mood to scrap, I'd get more done if the housework wasn't calling me every 15 minutes! LOL It's a little chilly outside today, I was planning on laying outside and reading, oh well.

Woke up this morning craving Pad Thai...but wouldn't ya know it, there wasn't anymore left! Sometimes a good thing isn't so good (like when you want some and it's all gone! LOL)

Here are a few more pages to oogle at...hope you like.


Monday, July 21, 2008

Lazy Monday...

Made a couple of scrapbook pages (Chelsea, my youngest and my Mom-shown here), my first California Poppy bloomed from seed and I made my very own Chicken Pad Thai today...yummy!!

Got up with Squeakers at 6-7 am, as usual--watered the plants and fed the animals (and forgot Zilla out there until JUST NOW! As I was just typing that I watered the plants, I remembered...except that as I was getting up who do you think I happened to see crawling up onto the deck out front?? Yep-Zilla...oh, I am such a BAD mom!!! Wow, I am glad she didn't take off-whew!)

OK, I better get off this computer...think that was a sign, LOL.

Have a great week! xo~B

Sunday, July 13, 2008

New family member!

Meet Squeakers!

He is the most loveable cockatoo I have ever met...he's 10 and so smart and sweet!

It's warm and sunny outside, finally...and here I am at the computer again-what's up wit dat? LOL

Hope everyone has a great week, just wanted to share one of the kids!


Monday, July 7, 2008

Another share...

A purpley (sp?) pretty page and a fun one...and it tells how I feel about scrapping: If I could save every moment in time, then I would.

Have you seen The Final Cut with Robin Williams? If not, it is about a chip that is implanted into you as you are born, or after-and it records every second of your life. When you die, a 'cutter' goes through all of those memories and makes a Memorial Video for your family, etc. It was weird, creepy but something I have thought of so many times with my children!! I know there are lost memories in my head, and it makes me sad.

Anyway, here you go and enjoy. I think I will go back outside and soak up more sun.


Sunday, July 6, 2008

Yeah Summer is here...

Yes-Summer is here, finally...or is it? It has been pretty gloomy and wet this past week-and weird! But it is warmer and there has been some sunshine, so I am happy with it!!
Thought I would share a few pages with anyone who happens to come along this blog (since I think I may be the one and only who visits here!)...the first page is me.
The second page I did in my attempt to create a baby book where my daughter can fill in the photo spots (I said attempt, not sure how it will work yet). The next is myself and my (back in the day) baby sister, then my nephew and his green friend (I just love the picture!) and then, of course, Cap' Crunched. He has his stitches out now and the hair is growing back, he's such a ball of fun and cuteness! He's got a couple of nicknames, too: PunkinButt and ChesterCheetah/Cheeto (you should see that kid go after the Jalapeno Cheetos! LOL).

Sad day here tho'-I've got a kitty in the hospital and we don't know why. She was drooling and acting funny so I took her to work and had to drop her off due to the fact that we had no doctors available at the time. The doctor just called and said the back of her mouth was necropsyed (sp?) and she has ulcers and abcesses on her mouth/throat and nose and is very dehydrated. The doctor asked me if she had gotten into any lilies, bleach or antifreeze...and the only possiblity would be Clorox Clean-Up since I clean with it (I also mop the floors with Pledge MultiSurface cleaner...checking that out now). They are going to run bloodwork and give her some fluids and get back to me...Poor kitty!!!!! We have several kitties, so I don't know if one isn't going potty or drinking since they all do it whenever, but I did notice that she wasn't knocking me down to get to the food first thing in the morning!

OK, gotta run-I have some household investigating to do...I'd really appreciate a Hello from anyone who does happen to visit, just so I know you are out there! Thanks!


PS: Dr. just called, bloodwork looks good but she is very dehydrated and needs oral antibiotics. They are going to keep here for a few days and give her IV Fluids and meds and make sure she eats, she'll get to come home in a few days. Dr. thinks she burned her tongue on some dry fertilizer (High Nitrogen--Urea) that one of them knocked over in the gargage and it spilled on the floor...which is already cleaned up!! Whew!