Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Just sharing...

Just made these, the first in a while-thought I would share. The first is Ashley and the second is my nephew, Quinn.
Not much has changed around here, other than my daughter has come home to finish school.
I'm not really in the writing mood, think I will go watch a movie...hope everyone has a great rest of the week.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Sweetest Thing...

Well, today is my 39th birthday...wasn't the best, but possibly not the worst I have had either!

I went to work this morning, had a yummy lunch-purchased by some mula from my mommy and daddy (thank you), then came home and talked to my sister Tonya and saw the awesome bench Scott built for our backyard (it sits by the waterfall and pond) and I picked my daughter up (which went so easily, thank goodness) and we spent the rest of the evening quietly and peacefully at home.

Scott did something so damn cute and sweet (shhh-he said not to spread it around and make him sorry, LOL) for me, and I actually had thought he had forgotten (thanks to whomever reminded him!): on the legs of the bench, he carved a heart with S+B forever inside! Is that not the sweetest thing?! He said that it was my 'card'. The bench is made of ironwood for the legs and a stone slab for the seat. I wanted it very simple and 'natural'...

Here are a couple of pix-and I am off to bed. I think I may sleep a little better tonight than I have in a long time. Have a wonderful Friday and weekend, and an awesome Memorial Day!


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Changes in life come so quickly...

Wow-I really haven't been on in 15 days? Doesn't seem that long, but time goes by very quickly when there is a lot going on, doesn't it?

I found out I am going to be a grandmother the day before Mother's Day. It came as a shock and things haven't been going too smoothly since...and I have been a bit depressed. My daughter left home 8 days ago-and there has been a lot of drama and tears. She says she wants to come home, but she wants to make him happy-I told her I love her and want her to come home and her home will always be here for her anytime.

I won't go into all of the long, drawn out and sordid details-but at the moment my family life is in chaos...I long for the days of the simple life, the sounds of my childrens laughter and chatting.

She is supposed to graduate from H.S. next month so we have been working VERY hard on getting the backyard done (and I must say Scott has done a wonderful job! I hope he realizes how much we appreciate all of the hard work!)-next will be the cleaning of the house...you know the kind I mean: cleaning and dusting every nook and corner to make it suitable for company, many who have never been here! LOL I get a little crazy about cleaning house for company, and I have a big job ahead.

Pray for my daughter, that she will have a safe and happy pregnancy and life. That she will always know I love her and she will always be safe with me...and that she will realize what it means to be a mother easily.

Hopefully I will not be away for another 15 days, but-you just never know. I hope this finds whoever happens to read my blog healthy and happy.

Cherish every moment you have with the ones you love...xo~B

Monday, May 5, 2008

I had to share...

I was messing around scrapping and got a 'Zabba' kick, LOL...I liked them, so I had to share them w/ you!!

Hope you enjoy these as well.


Here comes the sun...

and I say, it's all right...

I love that song, I can hear it in my head right now-LOL!

Yeah-the sun is here! How long it will stay is anyone's guess (even the weather-person, tee hee). But I am loving it while it lasts!

I took the kids to Hagg Lake yesterday, of course there were a million and one people there. The kids got in the water for a little while, but it was still cold and the wind started blowing lightly, so that didn't last long. After that we just kind of hung out and talked, chillin'.

My sweetie put up a new screen door for me today (and the critters, they are loving it and wondering what it is at the same time!)-which I have been asking for so many times over the 4 years we have lived here. I love the smell of the fresh air and the sounds...

The backyard is getting done, too! Yippee! I really can't wait! It is a Japanese Garden style with slate everywhere, we have a pond with a waterfall and an area where a bench will go near it so we can sit and listen to the water...doesn't that sound great? I'm still trying to figure what type of flowers/foliage I want to go in, there are several planting areas and Scott already has two Japanese maples. We're planning a graduation BBQ for my daughter, so it needs to be done and ready enough for people! I'll probably do plants right before...

Zilla (she's my Ig) has also been enoying the nice weather immensly-she gets to lay out in the sun on the hot tub cover while Scott is working in the yard, I envy her sometimes! LOL

I'm super excited about going camping too-I LOVE to campout!! The smells and the sound of sleeping out in the middle of nowhere-I just LOVE it! I think we all need to go on a camping trip before my daughter leaves this summer and moves to California after graduation. I'm ready for her to go, but yet I'm not. I'm sure every mother goes thru this when their child moves out, I have very mixed feelings about it for many reasons!

I had submitted some of my crafties to a website about mini-albums, and I got an email newsletter today and I was one of the 'Pick of the Bunch(es)'! How cool is that? It was the baby canvas albums-and at the bottom of this blog are three links that say the same thing-it is one of those and the website. I'm almost famous! LOL I'd really, really love to be able to scrapbook for a living (and not at Craft Warehouse! Been there, done that! LOL), but this is real life and my destiny just doesn't seem to be that. Bummer...

I'm not sure how many people read this blog (or is it just you, Mom? LOL), so I'm not going to bother putting scrapbooking freebies on it unless I know people do-it's a waste of time (and Mom already gets the links from me--and no, not the downloading ones). If you want some, let me know and I will forward the emails to you, I save them on my email acct. just in case. Some of the links have limited time, though.

Well, enough of sitting on my bum when I could be outside-I hope you all have a wonderful and warm week and enjoy life!!