Saturday, September 27, 2008

Awww, look at her!

On Scott and my 5th anniversary, Ashley had a sonogram and discovered she is having a girl!! So, in the next few months I will have a are a few pix from the sonogram. So sweet-I never had any of these done when I was pregnant with any of my children, insurance wouldn't pay for it.
These are special little pictures--more to come, of course!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Well hello there!

Been a little while...always busy, even when not doing much! LOL
It is officially Scott and my 5th Anniversary today-woohoo, how time flies! We both say it doesn't feel like 5 years, like it should feel 'older'.

We got another cockatoo on Sunday, her name is Katie and she is a citron. She is so little compared to Squeaker-and so QUIET! Her previous owner said she was a screamer, well she apparently never met a muloccan! Katie also seems to not have been handled much or out of her cage-she is well behaved, but a little bewildered when we take her out. She doesn't talk much, other than 'hello' and something that sounds like 'katie'. We also got her cockatiel, as they had been together forever and he would have been quite lonely. So he is sitting next to the 2 girls I already had and Katie is in the front room with Mr Noisy (aka-Squeaker). Everyone seems to be getting along well-we've been keeping a close eye on them all and they are in their own cages otherwise.

Finally got a chance to do some scrapping, thought I would share...I am pretty sure nobody ever reads or looks at this blog, that I am sharing with 'dead air', but who knows-maybe I will be surprised someday and someone will say Hello. Till then, hope y'all have a good Fall!