Sunday, October 11, 2009

More sharing...

This is one of the entries into one of my favorite camping area/park in the Tillamook Nat'l Forest

Destiney giving her Daddy kisses, they don't happen often so you gotta catch them when you can!

Doodlebug sleepin', such a cutie butt!

She wants to walk SO bad!!

City of Portland at night, love the lights on the water. We do not live in Portland, we are about 15-20 min. away.


Isn't she the cutest?? I just love her chubby self!! LOL

This one was fun, I put the family's faces on the photo card, very funny!!

And our special lil' the little windows of the castle!

This is an ATC, for a challenge at PDW

Yep, I got an owie this morning--I broke my big toe and put a big rug burn on my other knee. It is a wonder I can walk at all, which isn't much!! I have had it elevated and iced, wrapped and unwrapped-and no relief, it is swollen and achy!!
Thought I would share a couple of pages here, I am bored out of my mind at the moment! LOL
I joined the Last Scrapper Standing challenge at Divine Digital, the first week was last week and I have been put on the elimination list today (they are eliminating 8)...BUT they are having a vote for 2 of the eliminated people to move on to the next week-and so far I am at the top. I can't post my pages here, because there is a rule against it...sorry!!
I am loving PDW...being on their CT is sooooo much fun! I have also gotten an awesome kit from Just Passin' Thru and a few from Rosey Posey Studios, too--she is also the guest designer at DigiChick!

I'm headed to bed, but might be uploading more pages for you to ogle!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Wow, it really has been quite a while since I have been on here...the reason is that I don't think a single person other than my mother comes here. So I feel it has pretty much been a waste of my internet time, personally! Kind of like when you upload your pages in galleries and not a single person bother to make a comment about it, but lots look! It gets a little frustrating!

Well, I am a member of 3 different Creative Teams (CT's) now and I think I may just use this blog to share my work and their wonderful designs!

I am a member of is Just Passin' Thru, Rosey Posey Designs and the store/website Plain Digital Wrapper!!! (YAY!)

So, internet world--until I am back again, have a wonderful life!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

It's been a while...

Life has been pretty busy!!
Work has been mentally and physically draining as we have laid off 1/2 of the staff and now we are having to make do...UGH.

The Grandbaby is growing fast, I am totally in love--this little girl has me wrapped around her tiny little finger already! LOL

Scott turned 40 last weekend-he wanted to spend the day driving around in the woods, which ended up being the weekend! I was SO surprised he didn't want to do something more 'special', but loved the time together alone. We don't get that much anymore, and I miss it a lot. I was so relaxed on Sunday, I fell asleep as we were driving around. Ahhhh...

My BDay is in May, so we are having a joined party for the two of us then, and I am lucky enough that my sisters are coming up from Cali that weekend!! My son can't because he has to work (he is a foreman on a bull ranch, pretty cool!) but he gets to come up in June. I miss him SO much!!

Scott also bought some Mallard ducklings for the pond in the backyard-right now they are tiny guys, like a few days old-and SO stinkin' cute!! He had initially wanted to eat them, and I put up a fight of course. Then he gets them home and fell in love with how cute they are!! LOL

Well, work is calling-and there is much more to tell...oh, yeah-I joined a Lucky Draw contest at the to (hopefully) win one of Penny Miscellany's awesome kits!! I chose Celebrate Life, and it was so hard to choose!!

Have a great weekend, until next time-keep a smile on!


Sunday, March 29, 2009


This is one of my favorite places, to buy and play...and to just gawk at all of the great pages in the gallery!!
They are having a little contest right now-you sport their blinkie and give them your link, they will randomly choose people to win prizes for a certain amount of SB stuff!!

I would sport their new blinkie anyway, but I am not a whiz at adding them to my profile..if you click the blinkie at the top left, it is going to take you to my photobucket, LOL. So I am providing you with the link to their place, check it out-it is awesome! Be careful though, you may just become addicted!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

CT Pages...

Hi there, been a little while-I can't believe it is almost April! WOW, time flies and you don't even have to be having fun! LOL

Did a couple of pages for a new kit from Just Passin' Thru called Glorious...I love these colors! It was a lot of fun to play with-the hardest part was choosing my photos!

The first page is my In-laws cats, Jake & Boots. These two are a hoot! I created the background paper by filling the original dark pink paper with this one, to get the grungy effect.

The second page is my youngest, Chelsea. She is always taking these self-photos, I have a ton of them! I love how her eyes stand out in this one. I created a circle page because I wanted to do something other than the standard square. I think it is a fun page!

Well, I am gonna go scrap some more-I pinched a nerve or something in my back and have been out of commission a little, so I have to make up for it (to myself, ha ha ha!!)

Looks like Spring is here, or close to it...yay! Hope everyone is enjoying sunshine and smiles!

Till next time, xo~B

EDIT: For some reason, Blogger is not wanting to upload my pages...I will try again later, sorry!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Long week...

My Son, Willie--he lives in California and seems to be doing good-but I miss him TONS!

Destiney and her cousin, the hands photo, to sweet!

These are some of my favorite photos, what a doll!

The competition page, this is Destiney with her mommy and daddy (my daughter, Ashley)

More of the lil princess, she has been desparately trying to learn how to suck her thumb! She gets it and then it becomes a fist again, LOL

Long week...

Yes, it was long...Scott had to go to North Dakota for his grandfather's funeral and to help his family deal with the house and move his grandmother into a retirement facility. It is a 21 hour drive, straight thru, to get there. He left on Monday morning and got there on Tuesday. He is fina;;y home today...YAY!! I can't sleep when he is not here, I wake up every couple hours because something is just not right, LOL.

He stopped at a Rhinestone mine yesterday in Helena, MT-it is the Spokane Mine. It was too cold to go out and do any digging, but he bought a bag of dirt and rock home so we can go thru it together and maybe (hopefully, BETTER) find a rhinestone or two in their natural state!

I also had a change in my work schedule which started last week. I used to work 4 10's-We thru Sat. But they moved me to 5 8's Tues-Sat. I miss the extra day off I used to have, but I do enjoy coming home earlier...that is except for the days that they put me 1-10 pm. I am a little annoyed by that one, but that is another story. I also work at 2 different facilities, I live by my calendar day by day!

I did get some scrapping done, of course--here are a couple of pages for you to see. I joined the Go Digital Scrapbooking Supreme Team competition-they are looking for a Creative Team (CT). There are over 200 people in the competition, WOW! This was the 1st week, with the project of using a certain kit and only that kit (but you could cut it up or change the color of the pieces if you wanted). There are so many different styles out there, and they want you to comment on each page (which I have been doing), too! Whew! I am tired thinking about it!!

Oh, and it has been snowing again. Not a lot, but it has been. My crocuses have been blooming, hope they don't freeze~apparently they don't know it isn't yet spring.

Don't forget, this morning was the time to Spring Forward! Hope you didn't lose too much sleep, LOL

Till we meet again~B

Monday, February 23, 2009

Another One-kit CT...

This kit is called 'Castles in the Sky' by Cathi Cher, my fave part are the papers, they are amazing!!

I love the colors, too-so pretty!

This page is our little princess, she is trying to figure out how to suck her thumb...LOL

Later alligator!


Sunday, February 22, 2009

New CT pages...

Hi y'all! LOL

I received a new CT kit for Just Passin' Thru, it is called Home and really cute!!

Here are a couple of pages, you should go and check it out...and while you are there, maybe you will find more stuff you can't live without!

Till next time,


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another CT...

So I have been accepted to another CT, for a One-Kit call...

The kit is called Fairies Playground and it is by Kristi-ScrappinDivas.
It is really cute! Of course I did more Destiney pages with it, LOL!

Enjoy and go check her out!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New CT!

Quinn and Ashley, cooling off in the hot tub...LOL

My gorgeous G-Babe, Destiney

I have joined a new Creative Team, Just Passin' Thru...really cute stuff!
My first kit to play with is called Just Pretty, and I got right to work on some LO's to show her kit off!

If you would like to see her other stuff, or buy this kit-you can check her out here:

It's getting late and I have to work early in the morning, but I just had to scrap some new pages with this cute kit or I may not have gotten any sleep! LOL...enjoy and see you soon!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Color challenges...

I have been bitten by the scrappin' bug and have been doing a few color challenges on some of the sites I frequent (among other pages and challenges!). One of the color challenges is below-the dark purple one.
I have also joined a challenge of sorts, Scrap Your Relationship. I think it is a fab idea and maybe I will end up w/ a giftie for Scott out of it?!

One more thing I have done is join a new CT...more on that coming soon!

TTFN...hope to 'see' you soon!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wow, a month has flown by!

Destiney will be a month old in less than 24 hours-I can't believe time has gone by so fast!

I was messing around, scrapping, since I couldn't sleep-and came up with this page I just had to share! It is a Valentine's gift for Scott, and the word LOVE came as a template that you fill with whatever you want then overlap the letters. The template also came with the instructions to create a real book, which I may do at another time.

It was a lot of fun and I think I will create one for everyone, eventually! They might all get one for V-day...who knows?

Anyway, I really DO need to get to bed and get some shut eye-I have to work 11 am to 10 pm tomorrow (actually TODAY-ugh!)

Sweet dreams! xo~B

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Two weeks old today...

My granddaughter is two weeks old today...and is such a doll!!

I also wanted to share a photo (and a page) of my youngest, my sister took her photos--she goes by Phade Braund Photography.

Time to play with the wee one...xo, B

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm on my first CT!!!

I was just accepted onto my first CreativeTeam (CT) and was given the cutest kit to play is called He Loves Me by Teri's Thing O' My Jigs (

Here are two pages I did of the new grandbaby with her fun should check her out!

PS: Thanks again Teri!

Monday, January 12, 2009

She is here!

Destiney Marie-Ruth Fernandez, born 1-11-09 at 5:52 pm. 7 lb 5 0z, 19 inches...she is beautiful and we are so very proud!
Mommy is doing good, was amazing during the whole process, Daddy is so proud and excited!
There will, of course, be many more pictures to come.

Off to the hospital to see the Grandbaby!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

PROJECT 365 and others...

Hi there, it is snowing outside again and I can't believe it! LOL

I have joined a challenge called Project 365, you take a photo every day for a year. It's a pretty cool idea.

I've also teamed up with my mom and joined Amazing Digi Scrapping Race, Season 4! It is new to both of us...basically, you complete two challenges a week from different sites and upload them to the right places by the deadline and you will stay in the race. The first one was today-the challenge was to tear the photo into at least three pieces and use journaling.

Hope this finds you warm, healthy and inspired!