Sunday, October 11, 2009

More sharing...

This is one of the entries into one of my favorite camping area/park in the Tillamook Nat'l Forest

Destiney giving her Daddy kisses, they don't happen often so you gotta catch them when you can!

Doodlebug sleepin', such a cutie butt!

She wants to walk SO bad!!

City of Portland at night, love the lights on the water. We do not live in Portland, we are about 15-20 min. away.


Isn't she the cutest?? I just love her chubby self!! LOL

This one was fun, I put the family's faces on the photo card, very funny!!

And our special lil' the little windows of the castle!

This is an ATC, for a challenge at PDW

Yep, I got an owie this morning--I broke my big toe and put a big rug burn on my other knee. It is a wonder I can walk at all, which isn't much!! I have had it elevated and iced, wrapped and unwrapped-and no relief, it is swollen and achy!!
Thought I would share a couple of pages here, I am bored out of my mind at the moment! LOL
I joined the Last Scrapper Standing challenge at Divine Digital, the first week was last week and I have been put on the elimination list today (they are eliminating 8)...BUT they are having a vote for 2 of the eliminated people to move on to the next week-and so far I am at the top. I can't post my pages here, because there is a rule against it...sorry!!
I am loving PDW...being on their CT is sooooo much fun! I have also gotten an awesome kit from Just Passin' Thru and a few from Rosey Posey Studios, too--she is also the guest designer at DigiChick!

I'm headed to bed, but might be uploading more pages for you to ogle!