Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It is here already!!!


I sincerely hope that this is an amazing, wonderful and creative year for all!!

Still waiting for Grandbaby...xoxo~B

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A couple of snow pages to share...

and I will be scrapping more!
I was thinking I needed to go for a walk and take some photos of the neighborhood, might do that today.
Stay warm!

Monday, December 22, 2008


this page was done by Petra (aka Sugar 'n Spice), the page I did for her is the one that is green, Christmasy and has the gold frame on it.
Don't you just love this page? I think it is gorgeous!!
Thank you Petra!
I'll post the one I get back from Carin (hers are the other two below SnS's page) when I get it.
Happy Scrappin'!

Snowed in...

yes, you read right! The weather has been a little chilly and white here lately, and my car will not make it out to the main, I am 'snowed in'. What better reason do I need to scrap?! LOL (like I need a reason?)
So I joined a couple of photo swaps on two of the online sites I am a member of, they are always so much fun! Here are the pages I did and then I will post the pages I get back.
I'll post some snow pictures and kitchen remodel (still in the works, not done yet) later, also.
Have a great holiday, stay warm and comfy and be creative with your time!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Sharing time...

Just wanted to share the belly, LOL...she had some pics taken by my sister the other day and I had to scrap the ones I got so far!
It snowed all day yesterday, and it has been windy. Brrr, it is chilly!
Soon there will be lots of 'new kitchen' photos to share, we got the walls out and most of the cupboards in, now to get the plumbing done, the floor and the rest of the pantries and bench.
Stay warm and happy! I'm off to do more kitchen work...xo~B

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The countdown has started...

Some may think I am talking about Christmas, and yes-I guess that may be true. But what I am really talking about is the Grandbaby countdown!
Ashley went to her 1st Dr's appt since being back home (insurance companies and doctors offices take too darn long!!) and the doctor told her the baby is moving downward correctly, her cervix is preparing and she will start to feel the changes...we are almost 3 weeks from the due date guys! YIKES and YIPPEE!! LOL-seriously! She has had some of the pressure feeling and cramping already, and she has a book I got her when she first got prego and has been reading it all along. We are going to need to get practicing on those breathing methods and focusing on items other than PAIN...
Oh, and Charles (daddy and BF) has his first job interview tomorrow afternoon! YEAH!!!! He has turned in so many applications, I cannot even believe it has taken this long. So cross your fingers, legs, arms and eyes that he gets this job-he's got a baby comin'!
We are working on the kitchen, have cabinets going up today and tomorrow. Then we have to tear out what used to be the kitchen and tear down a wall, then we can finish the cabinets and island and it will be pretty much ready to go!! I cannot wait, I am SO tired of living in Remodel World!
Not sure how much I will be on in the near future, hope this finds you healthy, happy, warm and in the company of loved ones. Happy Holidays and soon to be New Year (how crazy is THAT?!) and I'll talkatcha soon!!