Saturday, April 25, 2009

It's been a while...

Life has been pretty busy!!
Work has been mentally and physically draining as we have laid off 1/2 of the staff and now we are having to make do...UGH.

The Grandbaby is growing fast, I am totally in love--this little girl has me wrapped around her tiny little finger already! LOL

Scott turned 40 last weekend-he wanted to spend the day driving around in the woods, which ended up being the weekend! I was SO surprised he didn't want to do something more 'special', but loved the time together alone. We don't get that much anymore, and I miss it a lot. I was so relaxed on Sunday, I fell asleep as we were driving around. Ahhhh...

My BDay is in May, so we are having a joined party for the two of us then, and I am lucky enough that my sisters are coming up from Cali that weekend!! My son can't because he has to work (he is a foreman on a bull ranch, pretty cool!) but he gets to come up in June. I miss him SO much!!

Scott also bought some Mallard ducklings for the pond in the backyard-right now they are tiny guys, like a few days old-and SO stinkin' cute!! He had initially wanted to eat them, and I put up a fight of course. Then he gets them home and fell in love with how cute they are!! LOL

Well, work is calling-and there is much more to tell...oh, yeah-I joined a Lucky Draw contest at the to (hopefully) win one of Penny Miscellany's awesome kits!! I chose Celebrate Life, and it was so hard to choose!!

Have a great weekend, until next time-keep a smile on!