Friday, June 13, 2008

New kiddo in the house...

We've added another new addition to the zoo here: Cap'n Crunched!

He's such a doll. He was brought into the vet with an injured eye, which was infected and painful and needed to be removed. The person who brought him in could not afford the surgery and was going to have him euthanized, and I could not let that happen!!

I took him and had the surgery and all that he needed done..he got to come home yesterday after a week at the hospital!! He came in at 11 oz and came home at a pound. He's only about 5 weeks old and such a cutie!! He has a wonderful personality, loves kisses and is getting along just fine with only one eye.

On the other part of our lives, my daughter graduated and moved to California. I am proud, sad and I miss I have my VERY OWN SCRAPBOOK ROOM!!!!! (yes, I am jumping up and down! LOL) I have never had my very own room other than when I was a kid. I made 6 pages the first couple of days, and it isn't even all together yet! LOL

Here are a couple of pages of the new kid, in digital and a picture of my daughter and I...I will also say that after having done digi for almost a year straight, it is kind of hard to get back into the regular scrapbooking!

Have a wonderful and sunny weekend everyone!


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

On a roll...

On a little roll with my scrapping, got inspired by the old pics of the kids...Was working on others, but my PhotoDraw shut down on me in the middle of it! Grrrr...
Off to cleaning house-having a graduation party for Ashley and lots to still get done, and work tomorrow and Thursday! I'm a little bummed, it's still rainy weather. We worked so hard to get the backyard done for the party--hope it isn't rainy on Saturday!

Monday, June 2, 2008

More digi sharing...

I have been so caught up in the collecting (along with work and the cleaning, etc of real life-LOL) of my digi scrapbooking, that I haven't had much time for creating pages with the stuff that I have!

I am a collector-in everything in life. I collect antiques, cobalt blue glass, critters, scrapbooking goodies (digital and otherwise) and many other random items. I always have a plan that SOME DAY I will use these things somehow...yes, I can hear you laughing!

Anyhoo-I was checking out my blog, and I realized there were so many pages of Ashley here, and none of the other two kids. So I created a couple of pages to share and for my own enjoyment. I absolutely LOVE pictures of my children and people I love, and I love to create wonderful things with them.

I hope you enjoy these as well, and become inspired to do some scrapping yourself. (Now I need to get up off my rear and finish cleaning for the graduation party this weekend!) TTFN